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liability & hold Harmless

By agreeing to a photo shoot, the potential customer agrees to the following: to hold Dash For Daylight Photography, LLC and Richard Boyan harmless for any injury or personal property damage to the pets, owners, pet caretakers, people accompanying the owners or caretakers of the pets, and people and motor vehicles in the vicinity of the photo shoot, that may arise during the photo shoot.  The potential customer understands potential risks during a photo shoot include but are not limited to conflicts with other pets, horses, or wild animals and reptiles, conflicts with people, dangerous environmental conditions such as holes in the ground, jagged rocks and stones, broken glass, downed trees and branches, cliffs, poison, traps, bicycles, drones or other remote control devices, and numerous other hazards that may be present in a space where a pet might run off leash.  Additional dangers include but are not limited to pets running into traffic and being struck by a motor vehicle or causing motorists to avoid colliding with pets and crashing their vehicles.  Dash For Daylight Photography, LLC and Richard Boyan assume no liability for any damage or injury to an animal, human or property that may arise during a photo shoot.

The potential customer also acknowledges that they are requesting a photo shoot in a location where pets may legally recreate off leash.  Dash For Daylight Photography, LLC and Richard Boyan assume no liability for any legal violations the pet owner may incur during the photo shoot such as a summons for pets being off leash, chasing, attacking or harming wild animals, or other violations of municipal or open space laws and regulations.


copyrights of photos & videos and Right of use

Dash For Daylight Photography, LLC (here forward referred to as Dash For Daylight Photography) retains all copyrights for every photographic image or video recorded during a photo shoot. Sold digital images and videos are offered as a non-exclusive right for personal use by the customer.  The customer can use the non-exclusive right as many times and for as many applications as they wish, provided the application is for personal use.  The sold image rights are prohibited from being re-sold or otherwise transferred to another party for any use other than personal use. Such personal use may include display by friends and family, provided their use is not for business purposes.  The sold image rights are also prohibited from being entered into any photography contest. Dash For Daylight Photography retains the right to use the image in any manner it wishes.  This universal right of copyright ownership includes the right for Dash For Daylight Photography to sell or re-sell any images multiple times to multiple customers, to enter any images into photography contests, or display any images on its website or on other marketing, promotional, business or personal materials.

Dash For Daylight Photography will discuss options for the purchase of either an exclusive right of use of an image, or outright purchase of an image’s copyright, upon request. Dash For Daylight Photography will also entertain requests to use a purchased image for business purposes with a "DashForDaylightPhotography" watermark.  Purchase agreements for such options are negotiable.



Dash For Daylight Photography respects all customers and potential customers privacy and will not share any contact information with third parties.  Dash For Daylight Photography will only use customers and potential customers contact information for Dash For Daylight Photography communications, promotional offers, and other Dash for Daylight Photography business.  We will remove customers and potential customers information from our email and any other contact lists upon request.



Dash For Daylight Photography does not employ a security detail during photo shoots.  Photo shoots are not any less safe than any other situation where a pet owner or caretaker is exercising their pet off leash.  The photographer is a passive observer in the location chosen by the pet owner or caretaker to exercise their pet and therefore has no impact on the safety of the activity.  As noted above under Liability, pets off leash do incur some risks to themselves as well as pose some risks to other beings in the vicinity.  It is the pet owner's or pet caretaker's responsibility to ensure a safe environment for themselves, their pets and Dash for Daylight Photography staff during a photo shoot.


No SHOws

Dash For Daylight Photography values your time and expects that potential customers likewise value our time to meet for a scheduled photo shoot.  We take a potential customer's commitment to bring their pet to an arranged photo shoot at face value.  We understand that emergencies do crop up and ask that if you will not be able to attend a scheduled photo shoot to please email, text or call to re-schedule or cancel it at least 2 hours before the shoot, if at all possible.  We commit to extend the same courtesy.  We are optimistic that when it comes to getting fantastic photos of their pet, most pet owners will probably go out of their way when necessary to honor a commitment.  We will also do the same.