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Meet your Action Dog photographer

R i c h    B o y a n

Hello!  Thank you for visiting Dash For Daylight Photography.  I am an animal lover who truly appreciates the incredible athleticism of the wonderful creatures that grace our planet.  From swift, agile Belgian Malinois super dogs that fly through hoops and leap over jumps at the National Western Stock Show, to noble Thoroughbreds that blaze a mile and a half in a seemingly effortless gallop, I have always admired the grace, beauty and strength of these athletes. As much as I enjoy witnessing their incredible talent, I love more photographing how they flaunt it.  I have taken thousands of superb animal photographs, from domestic dogs, cats, and horses, to the elusive mountain lion and bobcat, plus African wild dogs, leopards, lions and hyenas.  Check out my Photo Gallery for some shots that just might inspire you.

A little while back while preparing for an African Safari, I frequently photographed running dogs in low light.  During these sessions, pet owners often asked me to send them a photo.  Upon seeing their dog frozen in crisp, wicked-fast motion, just having the time of their life, many would send a 'Wow!' note of thanks. The seed was planted, and it struck me that very few people have really good action shots of their dogs.  Almost every pet owner has cute, funny, adorable pictures of their pet sitting around, but there seems to be a huge void of action shots in their collections - shots that exude pure bliss as their pets race around and play like they just discovered ice cream!  The problem of course is that most people take photos with a phone, and the phone just can’t capture beautiful, high quality action photos like a single purpose DSLR or Mirrorless Camera.  Dash For Daylight Photography sets out to fill that void so that any pet owner can complement their cute still pet photos with great, inexpensive action photos and witness the incredible eye popping, tongue flapping joy on their running pet’s face.

Like the animals, I am also a runner and I always try to run like I'm dashing for daylight.  I look forward to capturing the amazing athleticism and joy emerging from all your pets.



animal charities i support

I'm a big believer in supporting wildlife and domestic animal charities. I donate regularly to the following animal charities, among other causes.

  • Defenders of Wildlife

  • WWF World Wildlife Fund

  • Thoroughbred Retirement Fund

  • Colorado Unwanted Horse Fund

  • Humane Society of Boulder Valley

  • Botswana Predator Conservation Trust

  • The Wildlife Alliance

  • The Wild Animal Sanctuary

  • W.O.L.F.