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Dash For Daylight Photography provides Boulder and Louisville, CO area dog and pet lovers with the best value action pet photography and running dog photography. Dash For Daylight Photography takes fantastic, affordable action photos of your running dog’s amazing athleticism, freezing the incredible eye popping, tongue flapping joy on your running dog’s face.  We offer convenient, great value local photo shoots in and near Boulder, CO and in and near Louisville, CO where your dog runs free, to capture those difficult high-speed action shots, in sharp high resolution.

dog lovers: GET GREAT, affordable ACTION photos OF YOUR Dog - in and around Boulder and louisville, co

this could be your dog!

your dogs deserve great photos of their joyous action!

convenient, easy, and very affordable

 how it works

Tell us when and where your dog runs happy and we’ll take some fantastic photos. We’ll custom crop the best ones and provide you with a web link to see them.  If you like any, you can buy the digital images to post on Facebook, print beautiful enlargements, make metal, canvas or wood panels, and other cool gifts. And if you’d prefer that we make prints or gifts for you, we’ll quote you a price for that.

Click the Orange Contact Button and set up a convenient, affordable local photo shoot today.  Appointments available in a 20 minute radius of Louisville, CO (Boulder, Lafayette, Superior, Broomfield, Westminster, Erie and Niwot Colorado).


  • Basic Local Photo Shoot - Nominal $20 session booking fee that will be applied to purchases

  • 1 .jpg image = $15

  • 2 images = $25

  • 3 images = $35

  • Each additional image = $5

  • Sales tax is additional for CO residents


don't settle for blurry, low quality action photos taken with a phone

get fantastic, sharp photos from dash for daylight photography!

Have you always wanted really sharp, cool shots of your dog zipping around, free and happy, tongue flapping and eyes wide open in pure doggy bliss? No matter how fast or how slow, your best friend always runs like he's dashing for daylight.  So you pull out your phone and take picture after picture, only to sink in disappointment when seeing the blurry, pixelated results. Sometimes you think a few pictures look pretty good, so you upload them to Facebook and blow them up.   And then, uhhhhhgg, your disappointment is even worse because you really thought you had a great shot.

Blurry Phone Picture    vs    sharp Dash for daylight photo

Running dog taken with $800 Phone in Burst mode at 15 yards

Dash For Daylight photo, same running dog minutes later, at 15 yards


Galloping horse taken with a Phone at 20 yds

Dash For Daylight Photo at 20 yds


Running Husky taken with $700 Phone in Burst mode, at 20 yds

Dash For Daylight photo taken at 30 yds - even at super zoom, this flying cattle dog is sharp


capturing high quality fast motion pictures on a phone is hard

Let’s solve that problem right now! We use superb DSLR cameras to snare fast paced action in less than a millisecond.  We can capture a variety of motion shots, from sharp frozen action that evokes a stoppage of time, to panned action producing a super sharp dog in mid flight, with a slightly blurred background to emphasize speed.  Dash For Daylight photos are sure to put a smile on your face as big as the one on your dog.  Give it a try and book a local photo shoot right now.  Just tell us when and where your dog runs happy and we'll snare some great action shots.

P40547_Rocket and Phoebe_frolicking_DashWtrMk_Lr.jpg

dogs, cats, horses - if they move fast, let's capture their action in sharp, crisp brilliance!

Yes, we'll photograph other pets too.  If you can get your cat to climb a tree, jump on a log, or just skedaddle around the yard, we can capture your elusive feline in glorious action.  Do you have a horse that you'd like to photograph cantering in an arena, loping in a field, or cutting cattle in a pen, we can freeze that action too.  Click the Contact button and send us a message.  Let's see what action we can freeze for your delight.