Dash For Daylight Photography Contact and Location

Contact Dash For Daylight Photography by email, text, or phone to find out how easy it is to get fantastic, affordable action pet photos. Local action dog photo shoots are very affordable and a great value. All action pet photos may be viewed on our website and purchased at very low prices. Action pet photography gift cards are also available.


dash for daylight photography, LLC

Louisville, CO

call/text: 303-946-4900



Send an email, text or call us with any questions about how easy it is to get fantastic action photos of your dog.  Better yet, request an affordable photo shoot right now.  All you need to do is encourage your dog to have fun and we'll capture their joy.

If you would like to order Dog Daze images or Gift Cards, please scroll down for instructions.

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Ordering gift cards or Digital Images

If you would like to order Gift Cards, please send a message advising us of the Dollar amount for each Gift Card. We will email you back an invoice. Upon payment, we will email a digital Gift Card with a unique serial number and expiration date, good for one year.

If you would like to purchase any Dash For Daylight photos, please send a message to advise us of your order.  In your message, please specify the image title (e.g. DSC_0256 Brindle Hound) and the desired crop size (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14) for each photo so that we can crop them the way you like.  If no crop is specified, we will crop to 2x3 aspect ratio, the ratio shown for most images in our Gallery.  We will apply the proper quantity discount based on the total # of images you order and then email you back an invoice with total order cost and payment instructions.  Upon receipt of Payment we will send your images.

Note: Purchased images will have a very small, inconspicuous watermark in the bottom corner, similar to the example shown on the Gallery/Photos For Sale page.