Affordable, best value action pet photography near Boulder, CO near Louisville, CO.

Fantastic action photos of your pet for a great price.. Local photo shoots are in the Boulder, Co, in the Louisville, CO area, near Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior, Broomfield, Westminster, and Niwot, CO. We'll meet you at the dog park, or wherever you love to let your dog run, and take excellent, high resolution photos of your dog running, jumping, and playing with other dogs. Then we’ll post the photos on our website where you can select any you’d like to buy for a very affordable price.


Super easy & convenient - Affordable local photo shoot

If you'd like fantastic photos of your pet in action, for a great price, you need do little more than what you are already doing.  Take them out and let them run happy!  Just let us know when and where.  Our convenient photo shoots are in the general Louisville, CO area (roughly 20 min radius, including Lafayette, Superior, Boulder, Broomfield, Westminster, Erie, Niwot, etc). Here's how:

1. Click on the Contact button below, on any page, or in the top menu.  Email, text, or call us. We'll confirm a time and place and collect a nominal $20 session booking fee that will be applied to your Dash For Daylight Photography purchases.

2. We'll meet you there and take some excellent, high resolution photos of your pet running, jumping, playing with other pets, or playing with you.

3. We’ll custom crop the best photos and email you a link to the pictures.

4. You can buy the digital images for a great price to post on Facebook, print beautiful enlargements, make canvas or wood panels, create photo mugs, or make lots of other cool gifts. Sold images will display a very small, discrete watermark in the bottom corner.  As noted, your $20 booking fee may be applied to any purchases.  Shoot us an email or text and let's capture some brilliant action!

- By the way, surprising a friend with a photo shoot makes a super gift for the animal lover. We offer Gift Cards to make this unique gift super easy. Better yet, why not surprise them with some finished fantastic photo gifts of their pet. Call us and we’ll tell you how we can help you pull this off as a complete surprise!


  • Local Photo Shoot - Nominal $20 session booking fee that will be applied to purchases

  • 1 .jpg image = $15

  • 2 images = $25

  • 3 images = $35

  • Each additional image = $5

  • Sales tax is additional for CO residents

Not in our Local Area? Tell us where your dog runs happy and we’ll quote a special, out of region photo shoot.


Finished products available too

See our Products Page for great products that we can create from your pet photos. This is convenient for those of you who are short on time or who would rather buy a finished gift without all the leg work involved in uploading an image and processing an order through a retail store.


sharp frozen velocity

All pets, especially dogs, love to run happy and unleashed. Wherever your pets love to zip and dart and dash for daylight, you can be sure they've got their eyes wide open, tongue flapping and are zooming around with pure joy.  Let's capture those priceless expressions and awe inspiring athleticism in some great photos.  Contact Dash For Daylight Photography today and flash freeze your pet's unbounded joy!